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Years ago, several homeschooling moms "found each other" and informally gathered regularly for social, academic, and spiritual opportunities for the sake of their children's homeschooling experience.  For many years, the friendships amongst the families were integral to the social and spiritual health of the children, mothers and fathers, whose friendships are maintained to this day.

As most of these families have moved on in life since their children have grown, a couple of the original families still have little ones.  WIth homeschooling spreading like wildfire, it is in gratitude that these same opportunities be made available to other families in Oregon.  Consider this a ministry to allow other families to "find each other", with the goal of creating local Catholic homeschooling communities that were such a gift to the original families.

NOTE: If the Holy Spirit is moving you to take on a similar endeavor for your state, we can help you.  Please leave your info below. 


It would be ideal for this to be available for Catholic homeschoolers in each state. 

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If you have questions about homeschooling in general and have not quite committed to homeschooling just yet, feel free to leave your information below.  We will do our best to help you on your journey.

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